Affiliated Services

Through ODI’s affiliated companies they are able to provide many other construction related crafts including Demolition and Abatement, Firestopping, and Core Drilling.

Old Dominion Abatement and Demolition:

Affiliated with Old Dominion Insulation, Old Dominion Abatement and Demolition, formally known as E&C Insulation, has been licensed to treat and remove asbestos & lead since 1986.  The company has undertaken the safe treatment and removal of hazardous products in a wide range of properties including hospitals, power stations, factories, schools, various commercial and industrial properties, as well as the residential market. Fully licensed and insured, ODAD’s workforce is highly trained and offers a professional service including competitive proposals for the removal and treatment of asbestos & lead.   In addition, ODAD has added mold remediation and selective demolition to its list of services, as mold litigation became an issue for building owners. Visit the Old Dominion Abatement and Demolition website for more information.

Old Dominion Firestopping:

Old Dominion Firestopping is a full service firestop contractor, providing all aspects of firestop services to commercial, industrial, and residential construction customers. ODF has been performing firestopping full time since 2002 and under the auspices of ODI since 1987.   ODF prides themselves on performing quality work under safe conditions in order to satisfy the client.   They provide ongoing site and classroom training to educate themselves on new firestop technologies and methods, in an effort to remain the best in class firestopping contractor available.   They are trained on with all firestop manufacturers, which allow them the flexibility to meet the client’s demands.   As of March 2005 they have met the qualification standards as a firestop contractor per FMG Approval Standard 4991. ODF is very proud of this, as only a limited number of contractors nationwide have attained this status. The FMG Approval Standard 4991 is a tribute to their dedication to the importance of firestopping, and is an independent 3rd party assessment of their firestopping methods and abilities. Visit the Old Dominion Firestopping website for more information.


Drillcore was started to complement our existing demolition business, and has quickly grown to become the player in the core drilling and saw cutting industry. They specialize in new construction and renovation projects. Like the other business units, they understand that our success depends on the relationships with the clients, both existing and new. They strive to meet the clients’ requests in the ever changing, fast-paced environment of construction. The strength of Drillcore depends upon the flexibility to make ourselves readily available to the client. They understand that customer satisfaction remains the main factor in our commitment to repeat business with the customers. They currently have the capability to perform jobs of any size, and have worked on various commercial, multi-family residential and industrial projects around the region. Additionally, they are members of the CSDA, the Concrete Saw & Drilling Association. Drillcore joined this professional organization so that they could gain valuable knowledge of this industry in an effort to perform the work safely and professionally. Visit the Drillcore website for more information.

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